A list of frequently used localization terms
adaptive machine translationmachine translation in which the engine used is improved upon, and "learns" from the post-editor's corrections
alignmentthe process of matching the segments of a text and its translation in order to add it to a translation memory
autopropogationautomatically applying matches to untranslated segments or repetitions
autosuggesta pop-up suggestion that appears while the translator types; depending on the CAT tool, suggestions can come from an autosuggest dictionary or a TM, glossary, or other source.
autosuggest dictionarythe most common source for autosuggest
batch taskan operation performed by a CAT tool on one or more files such as pretranslation, pseudotranslation, generating the translated files, etc.
computer-assisted/aided translationapplications that extract the source text from a document to make translation easier, more efficient, more consistent, and more accurate by applying the use of translation memories, terminology, machine translation, QA checks, and other resources
content management systemin web localization, the application used to organize and publish content, such as WordPress, Drupal, etc.
context matchwhen a 100% match is preceded or followed by another 100% match; called a 101% match in some CAT tools
corpus(pl. corpora) A collection of texts used a reference for translation. It may be used to train a machine translation engine or create an autosuggest dictionary
desktop publishingoften called DTP or formatting, it consists of applying the original format to a translated document or image
fuzzy matchwhen a segment being translated corresponds to a translation unit in a translation memory by (usually) 75-99%
human translationtranslation done by a real person, as opposed to machine translation
internationalizationpreparing content in a way that makes it easier to localize
language service providera company that provides a range of linguistic services such as translation and localization
localizationadapting a product for a specific market/locale; not just translation but also an adapation for the target culture or audience; strongly associated with web, software, and videogames
localization engineerin an LSP, a technical position whose tasks may vary from one LSP to another. For more information, see Bert Esselink's Localization Engineering: The Dream Job?
machine translationtranslation done by a computer, such as Google Translate
machine translation enginethe tool used to create the output of machine translation from corpora and/or set of rules
macrocoded instructions that you can record and personalize to automate tasks within a software such as MS Word, MS Excel, or Notepad++
optical character recognitiontechnology used for extracting text from uneditable images and PDF files
packagea compressed folder containing everything needed for translation (one or more bilingual files, TMs, glossaries, reports, etc.) usually specific to the CAT tool used to generate it
perfect matchwhen a 100% match is both preceded and followed by another 100% match; called a 102% match in some CAT tools
placeableusually untranslatable strings in the source text such as numbers, brand names, etc. which the translator can copy to the target text; different CAT tools offer different solutions for using and optimizing them
post-editingadapting the output of a machine translation engine to make it more accurate and sound more natural
pretranslationin a CAT, the step of applying fuzzy matches and
project managerin an LSP, a person who oversees projects from creation to delivery, making sure the providers follow instructions given by the client and making sure the translated files are delivered on time
providerin an LSP, a person who provides services such as translation, revision, interpretation, or DTP
pseudotranslationapplying a fake translation, often using the dollar sign ($), in order to test for CAT tool errors, check for untranslated text, or get an idea of how the translated text will appear and the posterior DTP time that will be required.
quality assurancethe steps put in place (usually after editing and before delivery) to ensure quality. They include a number of automatic checks to flag common mistakes such as double spaces, punctuation, etc. QA could be done manually but is more often automated into a series of checks using a CAT tool (such as SDL Trados Studio's Verify, Wordfast's Transcheck or a separate application (such as Apsic Xbench or Verifika)
regular expressiona type of code used to represent a pattern useful for powerful filtering, search and replace, and other operations within large sets of textual data
return packagea package created by a translator, post-editor or reviewer to turn in their work
segment a translatable chunk of text, usually a sentence, but sometimes a paragraph or cell content
segmentationbreaking up a body of text into smaller parts, segments, that can be aligned and uploaded to a TM or translated more easily in a CAT tool editor
taga non-translatable element in a CAT tool editor used to represent formatting or other non-translatable content
task sequencea collection of batch tasks that can be performed together in the selected order
termbasea bilingual glossary used to store terminology and use it in a translation project
translationconverting text from one language into one or more other languages
translation management systeman application used mostly by LSPs to store projects, clients, providers, etc. and automate tasks throughout the life of the project
translation memorya collection of translations units used to store the current and previous translations, using them for pretranslation and autopropogation, ultimately saving the translator from translating repeated or similar segments
translation unita source text segment with its corresponding target text segment; a TM is made up of TUs, translation units.
vendor managementin an LSP, the department in charge of finding, contacting, and maintaining relationships with providers
weighted word counta word count that is adjusted to account for matches with the TM
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