Tools & Resources

A list of translation and localization tools and resources with a short description and links to learn more and/or download
7zipfile compression/decompression tool
Abby FinereaderOCR tool
AcrossCAT tool
ApertiumMT engine
Bitext2tmxalignment tool
bligneralignment tool
CafeTran EspressoCAT tool
Catalyst (Alchemy)software localization tool
Cleanup Tasksplugin for SDL Trados Studio
Clipnamefile management tool
Déjà Vu X3 (Atril)CAT tool
Easylingweb localization tool
Fluency Now (Western Standard)CAT tool
GeoWorkZ (Lionbridge)CAT tool
Google TranslateMT engine
Grammerlygrammar checker
Greenshotscreen capture tool
Groupshare (SDL Trados)resource sharing tool
Heartsome TMX Editortranslation memory editor
Heartsome Translation StudioCAT tool
KantanMTMT engine
LanguageCloudMT engine
LF Aligneralignment tool
LiltOnline CAT tool
MateCATOnline CAT tool
MemoQCAT tool
MemsourceCAT tool
MetaTexisCAT tool
Microsoft Translator HubMT engine
Multerm Desktop (SDL)terminology management tool
MultilingualMagazine and website on the language industry
Multiterm Convert (SDL)file conversion tool
Multiterm Extract (SDL)terminology extraction tool
Notepad++source code editor
Oliphant (Okapi)translation memory editor
OmegaTCAT tool
Passolo (SDL)software localization tool
POeditorweb localization tool
ProZnetworking tool
Rainbow (Okapi)text extraction, file conversion, QA, and testing
Renamerfile management tool
Reversogrammar checker
smartCATOnline CAT tool
Star TransitCAT tool
Subtitle Workshopsubtitle editor
SwordfishCAT tool
Synchroterm (Terminotix)terminology extraction tool
Termexterminology management tool
TM-Townnetworking tool
Trados Studio (SDL)CAT tool
Translate ToolkitCAT tool
Translators Cafénetworking tool
VerifikaQA tool
WinAlign (SDL Trados translation alignment tool)alignment tool
winrarfile compression/decompression tool
WordbeeCAT tool and CMS
Wordfast AnywhereOnline CAT tool
Wordfast ProCAT tool
Xbench (Apsic)QA tool
XTMCAT tool and CMS
YouAlign (Terminotix)alignment tool
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